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Review Clock

We believe that its important for customers to truly understand their requirements before they decide to acquire a new communications solution. It is difficult for customers to dovetail their thoughts into the wide expanse of technology that is the communications industry. Its therefore imperative that customers find a partner that is prepared to actively engage to help understand the requirements of the organisation.

This is where our ‘Review Clock’ process really comes into its own as it has 12 topics of questioning (hence the clock reference) and each area of discussion has many sub sections to also be explored. This review process has been designed over the years and constantly evolves every time a member of our organisation finds another topic or subject worthy of inclusion to ensure we help our customers to understand their exact requirement.

The collaborative output from these reviews and our ability to interpret the results has in many instances been the differentiator as to why customers selected NTS as their communications partner.

We would love to share with you our review process and some of the successful outcomes made by our customers.

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Our Review Clock covers the following areas:


Project Purpose
It’s essential to understand the expectations of customers when making an investment in technology and therefore we like to uncover ALL the areas on which to focus to maximise the business case and value proposition.

Your Business Strategy and Vision
It’s very important to align the technology to where your business is positioning itself strategically in the future rather than where it is today. We make sure we apply focus around this area.

The Marketplace you Serve
By understanding  your market we can ensure the right technology solution is selected to help give you that competitive advantage.

Your Customers
Ensuring that customers stay your customers and that you attract new customers is the key focus of most businesses. We aim to really understand how we can help you with those goals and challenges and technology can play a large part in this.

All modern technology relies on Connectivity and our discussions around this subject will ensure the right recommendations are made based on numerous options and available technologies.

Infrastructure and applications
Customers demand technology that is ultra-reliable and that delivers powerful business enhancements  and its our job to fully understand your environment and applications in use to maximise the value of new technology investment.

Business Continuity , Security and Compliance
In the modern workplace these areas are absolutely crucial and we leave no stone unturned in understanding these key areas.

At NTS we are committed to working collaboratively with our customers, partners and suppliers so we are huge advocates of this area of technology and we like to understand how this can help our customers.

‘Work is something you do not a place you go’ – our goal is to probe into these areas to understand how modern Unified Communications can deliver real value to your workforce in regards to productivity and work/life balance.

Customer Service and Contact Centre
This discussion area can in itself be very detailed and require a significant amount of discovery time to ensure all the right technologies are deployed to meet the goals and objectives.

Administration and Management
Once you have selected and deployed your new technology its important to be able to manage and change rapidly as required and to be able to provide the required outputs to ensure the key metrics are being met. NTS has the skillsets to uncover what works best for your organisation.

Constant Evolution
Our ethos is to not only fully understand our customers’ requirements around all the critical areas for a successful deployment but to also ensure a process of constant evolution and enhancement so customers can continue to maximise the competitive advantage of the investment. We absolutely value our position as key influencers in our customers technology portfolio and our discussions allow us to build a template for future activities and KPI/success metrics.