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The challenge

The client had a very fragmented system, using several different manufacturers’ solutions which were not compatible. The system had multiple points of failure, it wasn’t resilient and lacked a business continuity solution.

All the retail branches were standalone sites, and in the event all lines were in use any further callers received an engaged tone. There was no ability to divert the calls to alternative branches or queue till the branch could handle the caller, and no reporting on abandoned call rates.

The business was investing heavily in marketing but had no ability to set up individual telephone numbers for individual campaigns and track their effectiveness.

The incumbent technology partner had not shared the client’s vision for the future.

Our Solution

NTS Communications was approached to present a proposal. We detailed a single enterprise telephony system, with 3 major contact centres operating as 1 entity, and including the 250 branches in the system. We recommended the introduction of SIP for inbound and outbound voice services, using the existing data network to deliver voice as opposed to having a separate voice and data network. We also recommended installing additional SIP trunks at the call centres, to facilitate the additional incoming calls.

We reviewed the contact centre functionality and identified the need to support multiple channels within the inbound queues, this allowed for the introduction and effective management of emails, speeding up dramatically the response times as well as identifying specific trends and volumes.

This solution has fundamentally changed how calls were delivered to and from the branches and resulted in huge business benefits. When a customer now calls their local branch, the call rings for a short period and if not answered it has the option to overflow into one of the UK contact centres or an alternative branch.

The new system means that every user within the core sites or branches is part of one phone system, with access to standard features such as global directory, desk to desk dialling, group dialling, call back when free and hot desking are available to all users within the business regardless of their location.

In creating a solution where the branches are an integral part of the network, the client can obtain reports on the call levels in the branches. The customer contact centre also has a more detailed level of reporting, including call volumes, length of calls and how long customers were waiting in a queue.

This improved information about their telephone traffic enables the client to manage the call flows and resources available to answer calls and emails.

Previously branches were able to detect mystery shopping calls because they all came from specific incoming telephone numbers. The new system means the client is able to record calls at a selection of branches, which is helping them improve performance in underperforming branches without the branch managers being aware.

The benefits for the client:

The solution, once fully implemented, has provided a fully resilient solution ensuring no downtime UK wide for any contact centre or branch. The ability for calls from branches to overflow to another branch or contact centre is potentially maximising revenue. We have also saved the client significant amounts over 5 years:

• Nearly £400k in trunk rental costs
• Over £130k in the costs of intercompany calls between all branches
• Nearly £30k on mobile calls

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What our clients say

Birmingham Hippodrome

“In the last month we launched a new contact centre and back office communication solution! Really pleased with the results, with NTS Communications and Steve Ward supporting us through the journey.”

Scott Whitehouse
Birmingham Hippodrome


TTC Group

“At TTC we were very apprehensive about the big change over in our telephone system. However the level of service provided by NTS Communications has been very impressive and reassuring. Prior to the implementation I was worried about the implications that would arise during the changeover, however apart from the minor ‘niggles’ everything went a lot smoother than first anticipated due to the amount of time and support we received during this process. We understand that there are still many benefits to be discovered with our new ShoreTel system but know that those at Network Telecom Solutions will be on hand to answer any queries we may have”.

Pauline Hall,
Resources Director


“We worked with NTS Communications to implement a Shoretel telephone system. NTS Communications took the time to fully understand our business and our needs before recommending a system to us. They then acted as project manager for the implementation which went very smoothly. Keeping us fully informed of the project progress and were only too happy to help at any time of day when we had questions or issues. NTS Communications is focused on delivering a first class customer service”.

Richard Gardner,
IT Manager

Principal Insurance

“At Principal Insurance we needed a communications partner who understood the customer contact environment and could provide us with the right technology and advice to enable us to best serve our customers. NTS Communications have experienced and knowledgeable consultants to advise us and a support operation that is quick to react and technically capable to ensure our systems are always available to deal with our customer call volumes. I would recommend NTS Communications to any organisations who rely on their contact centre operation’s to support their business activities”.

Dave Bowcock,
Managing Director


“NTS Communications were selected by Randall & Quilter to support their 400 user global voice and data environment which includes 4 sites in the UK and 3 sites in the US and Bermuda. We needed a partner who offered 24/7/365 global Support and who was quick to react to issues and enquiries and was not saddled with the ‘red tape’ associated with many service organisations these days. We find their support centre professional and effective with an excellent team of technical staff who are on hand to solve any issues we may have and to offer implementation services as required. Added to this was their recommendation around the consolidation and supply of our ISDN lines and call traffic which saved us a considerable amount of money. NTS Communications has been a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate in recommending their services to other organisations”.

John Shaw,
Randall & Quilter Insurance Services Group IT


“The use of Basecamp was proposed by NTS as we started our roll out of the Shoretel system to 150+ users across seven sites and four continents.

Although few of my team had first hand experience with Basecamp we found it intuitive to use and quickly came to rely upon it.”

Steve Gooderham,
Instem – Information Solutions for Life

Capital Safety

“NTS Communications have been a tremendous help in sorting out our call centre re-implementation. They provided an excellent insight into best practice and helped drive the project to conclusion. NTS Communications and their technical team put in a fantastic effort and have a real ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to their work”.

Chris Roberts,
Technology Support Manager EMEA